Moringa Seed Oil & Powders are favorites amongst people who are in the know about their beauty and health.

Extracted from the Moringa Oleifera Tree, and the seeds and powders are naturally plentiful with plant phytonutrients. It has a few names in widespread use; Moringa, Ben Tree, Drumstick Tree, and Horseradish Tree. One character all three Moringa oils, Ben oils, or Behen oils share is the high amounts of behenic acid extracted from the seeds. This extracted oil is beneficial for your skin, your hair and your body’s overall health.

Moringa for Beauty Inside & Out

Moringa oil is composed mainly of monounsaturated fatty acids and saturated fats. It is very high in Omega 9’s or oleic acid, that comprises about 70 % of the oil. Applied topically it is an excellent substance to use for different conditioning and beauty treatments. You can use applied Moringa oil in your skincare, hair, scalp, nails – just about anywhere you want.

Moringa oil contains three different varieties of Vitamin E. They are α-tocopherol, ϒ-tocopherol, and δ-tocopherol. These Vitamin E tocopherols are naturally high in antioxidants. They protect the skin when applied externally and is a common immune system booster. Moringa has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic propertiesin addition to it’s naturally occurring goodness.  You can use Moringa oil to boost your immunities as well as to enhance your beauty.

Let’s examine a few ways in which you can use Moringa oil for beauty purposes & DIY Beauty Ideas.

Moringa for Skin Care

  • For naturally glowing faces and skin. Moringa oil is a perfect product to use if you want bright and fresh skin. It purifies your complexion and diminishes signs of stress or fatigue. Plus all those nutrients can give you a bright tone from within.
  • For anti-aging purposes. Moringa oil is a fabulous anti-aging extract. By applying it to your face, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face or neck. With Moringa oil also naturally rich in antioxidants, these potentially slow down the aging method of skin, wherever you apply it.
  • Use it to help in preventing acne, blackheads, and dark spots. Acne, blackheads, and melasma are some of the most frequently mentioned skin problems. The use of Moringa oil can give you the flawless skin you’ve dreamed of. Balance your skin’s natural oil production while reducing the buildup of bacteria causing breakouts.
  • For soothing burns, cuts, and rashes. As mentioned, Moringa oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory attributes. These properties are why you can use topical Moringa oil to help improve minor burns, rashes, and even insect bites. Moringa oil soothes dry skin and also helps to manage skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Of course, always see your doctor or dermatologist for serious skin conditions.

Moringa Oil for Healthy Hair & Skin

Moringa for Hair Care

  • For moisturizing and treating the scalp. Moringa oil has numerous extras for your tresses. Those extra vitamins can moisturize and nourish a dry or itchy scalp. Just massage a plain oil into a wet or dry scalp and shampoo it away after a few minutes. You’ll also find moringa added to many natural treatment shampoo and conditioning formulas.
  • Get healthy hair with the regular use of Moringa. Restore your hair strands and make them stronger. Moringa oil carries essential vitamins, and when this oil is used at the follicles, they can become stronger and better overall. Just a few drops are all you need.
  • Combat dandruff and split ends. Flakes and split ends are two common hair and scalp problems encountered by many people. Moringa oil has moisturizing properties giving you stronger locks and working to prevent split ends. Not only do you get smoother hair but with regular use, moringa works to normalize your scalp and gets rid of the dandruff flakes.

Moringa Oil for Perfumes

This oil resists spoilage naturally and is used as a preservative in beauty and health products. The oil takes on the aromas of other essentials and aromatic mixtures like herbs, seeds, spices, even some chemical compounds. This absorbing quality makes Ben Oils and excellent perfume base too.

Moringa for DIY Beauty

Exfoliate and send away lifeless skin cells with a simple mix of healthy oils like olive and moringa with added sugar for a mild face and body scrub. You’ll have a pure natural exfoliant that even resists going bad. If you prefer a course blend, mix Behen and Olive Oil with sea salt and apply as a pedicure treatment.

Moringa Supplements & Powders

The many benefits go beyond just the topical treatments. Moringa is a Super Food power packed with nutrients, amino acids and fiber. A favorite tea in India and Ayurveda it’s sipped daily around the world. Whether you are adding a scoop to a smoothie, adding a capsule to your daily vitamins, or drinking it as a hot beverage, Moringa can improve your day.