Used for ages for flushing out toxins and heavy metals from the body, this detoxifying powerhouse works by applying itself around molecules in the stomach or on your skin.

The naturally occurring binders in Charcoal are great for helping to detoxify your complexion. The activation process occurs when carbon molecules infuse with oxygen, and this action creates a super porous sponge-like surface.

Purifying Charcoal for Skin Care

Able to absorb up to 200 times its weight each molecule grabs tight to hidden junk on the surface of the skin. This cleansing action can clear toxins, extra oil, and skin impurities. Detoxify your skin while you clear up blackheads, acne, and breakouts with pure charcoal.

activated charcoal for health skin and teeth

Activated Charcoal for Body Care

The same activations that make charcoal great for clearing up the skin on your face, also make it a perfect addition to bath and body. You’ll find activated charcoal in bars of soap for a natural anti-bacterial cleansing experience. You can purify skin while you exfoliate dry skin cells with an activated charcoal body scrub. And if you’re into feeling super fresh, you will even find charcoal in many underarm deodorant formulas.

Activated Charcoal for Dental Care

Since charcoal is so great at picking up toxins off the skin, it’s a perfect addition to the all-natural dental care regime. While it may take a little getting used to brushing your teeth with a black or gray paste, the soft stain-lifting power almost can’t be beaten. Generally mixed with bentonite clay, calcium powder, or another medium, these coconut-based formulas clean and whiten safely.

Activated Charcoal Supplement Tablets

The supplement standby for every occasion of an upset stomach at our grandmother’s house (and likely yours). Those pure black caplets were imbued with nearly mythical powers. It didn’t matter precisely what was wrong with your stomach; you got a charcoal to fix it.

Activated Charcoal is potent stuff and is administered for things like poisonings. If you poison yourself get help immediately. Don’t take charcoal unless you are specifically directed to do so by a qualified medical professional in the event of a poisoning.

Charcoal is a sturdy binder and does work to detoxify items in your stomach. Many people use activated charcoal as a home treatment for gas or bloating.

It’s very very popular, and you’ll see charcoal added to drinks and juices. Keep in mind that charcoal is a binder and will grab onto things to keep them from being digested.

This grab includes vitamins in juices, any vitamins you have taken during the day – And your prescription medications. If you’re going to take a charcoal supplement (or drink one) make sure it won’t interfere with your other goals. And of course, always follow the label and instructions on the packaging.

What’s your favorite use for charcoal? Skin Care? Body Care? Or Dental Care?