There’s nothing like changing things up when a new season is approaching.

While your summer do’ may have got you through those long, hot nights, it’s not going to work for those colder days out amongst the leaves. Reinventing yourself and diving into fall with a new hair look is not only a great way to do something for you – but it’s also excellent for restoring shine, reducing frizz, and eradicating that summer damage.

Hair Cair for Fall at Spa Med Beauty

Why Change Your Hair Care for Fall?

As much as you don’t want to admit it, your hair is damaged from the summer sun. It’s inevitable – all those days spent sunbathing at the beach and swimming in the pool have taken their toll.

Now, with fall approaching, what you’re left with is a mop of sun-damaged hair that’s dry, frizzy, and far from ready to take on winter.

With all that saltwater, chlorine, and vitamin D, it’s no wonder you need to visit the hair salon. You can even do it at home – as long as your fall beauty hair care involves replenishing those roots and ensuring your hair is ready for the change in weather.

Best Style for Your Fall Hair

When it comes to styling your hair for the fall season, there’s nothing quite like a cute bob. You may be familiar with this look – if you lived your prime through the ’90s, you’d be still recovering. Throw everything you once knew about the bob out. This retro-modern style is a fresh look on an old hairstyle – and why? Because you’re seeing beachy waves being thrown into the mix as well.

A long bob can also help get your hair out of the danger zone when it comes to that sun damage. Because you’ll need a trim to achieve the bob look, you’ll be able to get rid of those unsightly split ends. Generally, those are a significant cause of any frizz you may be experiencing.

When you go to get your updated bob, remember you are in the driver’s seat. With an excellent cut or trim, your stylist will be able to restore the condition of your hair to those pre-summer days. Whether that’s a length above or below your shoulders.  You’ll also learn how to blow out your hair for sleek, shiny beach waves. This will eliminate that frizz even further and point out the extra shine you’re now carrying around.

How to Take Care of Your Hair for Fall

One thing’s for sure – the lob, and it’s updated bob cousins are back, and they are here to stay.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to resort to looking like young Olsen twins. With a little bit of product, some heat, and a couple of roller brushes, you’ve got yourself a sleek, sassy fall look that will only make you regret you didn’t do it sooner.

Say goodbye to sun-damaged hair and hello to a trimmed, treated style that you can trust and will stay that way right through until the sun comes back out again.

Fall & Winter 2020 Hair Style Trends

Looking to glam up those 80’s and 90’s throwbacks? Some of the hottest new trends for fall and winter include high ponies with curled ends. Go super-glam with sparkling headbands, multiple barrettes, even a glittery scrunchie. Prefer the simple look?  Try the updated braids for fall and winter.