The winter months can often be harsh on our skin, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your summer beauty routine! Winter makes us think of beautiful and vibrant colors, so if you’re looking to step it up this winter, start with your makeup. Instead of hitting the mall for the latest brands, head to your favorite online retailer, and buy only top-quality makeup that won’t drain your wallet. You can still look amazing with affordable luxury brands; just keep what’s important (i.e., your eyes) in mind when choosing. Here are some popular looks you can try this winter:

Makeup Basics for Radiant Skin

Just because the sky is grey doesn’t mean you have to stay blue. In fact, bronzing makes your face look much lighter than it really is. A basic bronze bronzer works best with most skin tones and even comes in all shades. If you don’t like neutrals, then stay away from matte bronze. These won’t work as well, but plenty of shimmery options will do the trick in the winter for added luminosity.

If you’re not a fan of bronzing but still want to add a little bit of color to your cheeks, try a cold-pressed luminous serum. Serums are top-rated right now and come in many innovative formulas to give some added oomph.

Lip Basics: Gloss

The best thing about lip glosses is that you can wear just about any shade. This is especially true when you buy lip products that come with a moisturizing base. And for wearing under a mask, well, sheers and neutrals will be a good friend to avoid smudging.

Winter Skin Basics

Moisturizers are a different story. Winter means cold weather, and you don’t want your skin to become too dry. Many women opt for liquid lotions instead of creams because they are not too oily or too thick. If you’re going to apply a lotion, be sure it is water-based to avoid breakouts and go on smoothly under makeup. If you have oily skin, you can purchase oil control products to get the coverage you need without looking cakey.

Eye Contour: Makeup

Shadows, eyeliners, mascara some beauty products never go out of style. These include lash length mascara, as well as waterproof eye makeup. You can find lengthening mascara in black or brown and other mascaras to define your eye during the day and nighttime.

Winter makeup can be challenging, but if you stick with these classics, you’ll be fine. Be on the lookout for the best products, which are formulated for winter. Use rich cleansers and moisturizers, as well as your favorite foundation and lip colors.

When you choose your most dependable products, remember to apply them well. By doing so, you’ll help your makeup to last longer and leave you feeling great.