Why Is Meadowfoam in All of My Home Hair Color?

If you’ve been reading the labels of your hair color boxes, you may have noticed the name Limnanthes Alba recently. Especially if you’re an aficionado of natural, non-ammonia formulations. Limnanthes Alba – goes by another name Meadowfoam – and its extracted seed oils seem to be everywhere in makeup and hair care application these days.

How did this humble little marsh flower that’s a native of Southern Oregon become so popular? Read on to find out more about its many beauty benefits.

Meadowfoam for Healthy Hair

Meadowfoam seeds contain between 20 and 30% of an exceptionally stable triglyceride. This naturally occurring beauty wonder house oil includes over 98% of long chain fatty acids. These fatty acids deliver excellent stability, emolliency, and a soft and smooth feel to the skin.

  • Unpurified it is Not Safe to Eat, as it has a high erucic acid content.

This annual winter blossom whose name means the “marsh flower” has turned to an international beauty star. A long way from its first emergence as a canopy of creamy white flowers creating an appearance of foam on the meadow.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil for Hair Color

The oil from Meadowfoam Seeds has unusual chemical characteristics, excellent natural shelf life, and oxidation stability compared to other vegetable oils. This is one of the reasons Meadowfoam Oil delivers so much hydration and softness to hair. These excellent chemical properties naturally increase flexibility and add excellent body and shine.

  • Did you know that Meadowfoam Seed Oil has a color-intensifying effect, especially in red pigments, and that is its most valued characteristic for home hair dyes. You’ll see the oil as a listed ingredient in Herbatint, Naturtint, and many popular ammonia free and low chemical hair color brands.

Meadowfoam is known to boost shine with additional oils inside the color formulations. Cosmetic scientists discovered Meadowfoam Seed Oil has a high capacity to dissolve coloring agents and promotes entrance of color molecule into the capillary fiber. Once inside the hair, the combined action of Limnanthes Alba with keratin makes pigments bind within the hair fiber, lessening the fading process.

These super desirable results; more shine, enhanced elasticity, longer lasting hair color, are the reason you see Meadowfoam in hair care everywhere!