Summer is the season of warmth — relish the change of pace by refining your beauty routine to a few trusted products powered by natural healthy ingredients. Linger over longer, brighter, and sunnier days that open in enjoyable moments rather than tasks to be achieved. Shower in a skin-clearing body buffing wash, skip the cleanup with a favorite waterproof mascara rich in natural minerals – and enjoy a quick blot paper endowed with the drying properties of abaca.

Quick Beauty Tips for Summer Spa Med Beauty

Start with a Fresh Canvas

Exfoliate – This essential first step is necessary to remove dead skin cells from the surface. When you don’t exfoliate, complexions will tend to hold onto dry cells. Whether you are tanning or moisturizing later, your skin soaks up products unevenly and fade in odd patterns. We recommend starting with a charcoal or black soap body wash to lift impurities, polish and purify, leaving you glowing and beautiful.

Want to purify and add moisture? French Soaps contain pure charcoal and moisture elements like coconut, jojoba, and olive oil to add more clearly glowing beauty to your skin.

Add a Summer Shimmer to Skin

A summer glow begins post-shower. For skin that’s soft and glossy, forget the body lotion. Instead, lock in moisture with a summer skin oil. Pick from many options for the season. You can smell fabulous with Monoi Tiare Tahiti Skin Oils. Authentic blends of pure coconut oil are delicately scented with fresh Tiare flowers (Gardenia), Sandalwood, Tipanie (Plumeria) and more delicious tropical scents.

Ayurveda skin oil formulas from Soothing Touch contain a blend of essential oils. Including comforting Almond, Vitamin E-rich Sunflower, elasticity-boosting Apricot, and restorative avocado oils— all to soothe skin while adding a distinct gleam.

Treat Summer Skin Conditions

To treat dryness or calm a sunburn – Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother with Aloe & Coconut oil has the solution for any concerns of burning or peeling. Summer only comes once a year, so whether you want to spend your day at the pool, at the beach or relaxing in your backyard with a refreshing beverage – your skin can stay safe. And always wearing sunscreen of course!

Protect Your Hair from Damaging Rays

Love your locks. Protect hair from heat styling damaging, sunbeams, flat irons, and dryers. Try some Vegan Love with Desert Essence Coconut Defrizzer & Heat Protector. Smooth damaged hair with Jojoba and Coconut Extracts and condition dry scalps restoring lost moisture. Cactus and Agave replace a healthy luster. Panthenols and Provitamin B5 penetrates and seals hair surface to protect it from heat damage.

Or combine the effects of favorite essential oils into a single, ultra-hydrating formula that bestows an instant shine as well as an uplifting scent. Enrich from Aura Cacia is a unique blend made with beneficial essential oils featuring bergamot, sweet marjoram, Texan cedarwood, and ylang-ylang. Enjoy a hardworking blend of vital oils in tresses. The silky, formula, which gets its zing from bergamot and cedarwood, absorbs quickly to revitalize dry, damaged, and stressed-out hair. Intense but not greasy, the luster-boosting oil leaves behind a refreshing scent but no residue. As with all Aura Cacia products, a little goes a long way.

Shine Free Blotting Papers

On summer days, glistening can quickly turn to greasy. Turn down the shine with the aid of purifying Blotting Tissues that keep oil and sweat in check. Each square is embedded with delicate abaca leaf and softwood pulp. Use anytime to blot and refresh your skin.

Paraben-Free Waterproof Mascara

Banish the raccoon at the beach or pool. Vibrant mineral colors formed with high natural wax content repels water naturally! Naturally nourish lashes with Argan Oil, Aloe, and Panthenol. The gentle, non-irritating formula applies smoothly and won’t run or smear when wet. Get long-wearing, waterproof definition with Mineral Fusion Waterproof Mascara formulas.

Smooth skin and a fresh summer glow for any time of the year. Find all your clean beauty at SpaMedBeauty!