Choice Organic Teas Rooibos Red Bush Tea, Pack of 6

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Choice Organic Rooibos Red Bush Tea


Sweet & Earthy Flavors Naturally! Smooth. Mellow. Flush with deep amber color. This is Rooibos Tea. 

CAFFEINE LEVEL = Zero, 100% Caffeine Free

Rooibos: Red Bush Tea Native to South Africa, an organic herbal tea, is distinct with russet-hued, needlelike leaves and a mellow taste. Sweet and earthy. Deliciously drinkable. Savor subtle notes of creamy vanilla as you sip.

Caffeine Free, USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified. Choice Organic Teas works closely with our international growers in countries worldwide. Teas from China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania to create organic goodness. 

Choice is known for its outstanding character and clarity of flavor. We rely on simple, pure ingredients, strict organic guidelines, and an ethics-driven Fair Trade philosophy. Herbal Teas include any infusion made from flowers, bark, fruit, or leaves of any plant other than authentic tea (Camellia sinensis). Choice Teas directly makes a difference in the lives of tea estate workers with Fairly Traded Ingredients. 

Organic Product: Yes
Fair Trade: Yes
GMO-Free Product: Yes
Size: 16 Teabags
Pack of: 6

Shipping Details: Case

Choice Organic Rooibos Ingredients

100% Organic Rooibos.


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