Nature’s Answer Periobrite Toothpaste Cool Mint, 4-Ounce

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Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Toothpaste Cool Mint
Description: All Natural Brightening Toothpaste with CoQ10 and Folic Acid Preservative and Fluoride Free Relieves Dry Mouth Dentist Formulated Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums Cool Mint Daily brushing helps promote healthy teeth and gums. PerioBrite, a low abrasive toothpaste, does more than clean teeth – it supports periodontal health. Dentist formulated PerioBrite contains soothing herbs well-known for their cleansing action, while CoQ10, Folic Acid, Oregano, Cinnamon and Clove promote tissue and gum health. As part of an oral health program, PerioBrite naturally whitens teeth while leaving your breath fresh and clean, energizing your whole mouth with a cool, sparkling minty-fresh sensation. Free of Preservatives, fluoride, alcohol, synthetic solvents, sodium-lauryl-sulfate, artificial sweeteners, colors, and dyes. Disclaimer: These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Size: 4 Ounce
Pack of: 1

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