Yogi Perfect Energy Herbal Tea Vanilla Spice, Pack of 6


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Yogi Perfect Energy Herbal Tea Vanilla Spice
Description: Naturally Energizes without the Jitters! Energizes the Body and Focuses the Mind 100% Natural ~ Herbal Tea Supplement Contains Caffeine Energize Without the Jitters Looking for the ‘perfect’ energy boost? Discover Yogi Perfect Energy, a unique blend of tea with naturally invigorating herbs that energize the body and focus the mind, without jittery side effects. A complex and delicious blend of Green Tea and Assam Black Tea invigorate the body, while natural amino acid L-Theanine promotes calm, mental focus. Ayurvedic herbs Organic Gotu Kola Leaf and Ashwagandha act to balance and energize naturally. Flavored with vanilla bean and exotic spices, this delicious tea is sure to energize the body while calming and focusing the mind with every cup. Yogi Principles Tasting great is essential, but it isn’t enough. If what we make doesn’t taste great and leave you feeling great, we won’t make it. We think before we blend. How will our recipes work with body and mind? Health is found in nature. We work with what nature already offers rather than trying to concoct it. We don’t have laboratories. We have kitchens. Creative combinations can optimize what nature has to offer. Ever added Peppermint to ginger? They work together to produce a remarkably fresh and innovative taste. . . and a remarkable level of energy. Whenever possible, we work with wholes, not parts. For instance, we don’t add Vitamin C . We add Rose Hips, which are naturally rich in Vitamin C . Yoga for Soothing Energy Sit cross-legged or in a chair with spine straight and feet flat. Block right nostril with right hand. Take 26 long deep breaths through left nostril. Switch sides and breathe through right nostril. Relax in the calm and focused energy. Before doing this exercise or participating in any exercise program, consult your physician. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Country of Origin: USA
Kosher Product: Yes
Size: 16 BAG
Pack of: 6

Yogi Organic Teas to soothe mind, body and spirit.


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  • Depth: 4.35 in
  • Height: 2.75 in

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