A skincare regimen is one of the best ways to achieve beautiful, lustrous skin.

When most people start implementing a regimen, they tend to think primarily about choosing the best products for their skin type.

This is definitely essential. However, skincare goes way beyond choosing the right products. People need to make sure they apply their products in the proper order.

Just how important is this? Applying products in the correct order is one of the top spring skincare tips: it’s vital to achieving healthy, luminous skin.

Spring Skincare Tips: Why Applying Products in the Right Order Is So Important

Each product applied to the skin has a specific purpose. Misapplying them can impact how well they work, if at all.  

For example, applying oil to the skin right after cleansing will create a barrier on the skin. It will be impossible for other products to cross that barrier and be absorbed by the skin.

This is a waste of product and, therefore, money. It also adversely affects the health of the skin. If the product can be absorbed by the skin, it doesn’t have a chance to treat the skin. The result: dealing with the same old skin issues and new spring skin issues.

To avoid frustration and to save some money, it’s best to follow one of the most essential spring skincare tips: apply products in the correct order.

Springtime Skin Care Regimen: How to Apply Quality Products

The order in which a person applies their skincare products depends on the time of day. To get your skin ready for spring and summer and prevent spring skin issues, it’s best to break up the skincare routine as follows.

The Ultimate Daytime Routine for Beautiful Skin

A good morning routine is necessary as it prepares the skin for and protects it from exposure to:

  • The sun and wind
  • Pollution
  • Makeup

Add the steps below to your springtime skincare regimen for the best results.

  1. Clean with a refreshing facial cleanser
  2. Apply a toner
  3. Add in at least one serum
  4. Yes, eye cream is essential during the day, too
  5. Spot treatments help prevent skin issues
  6. Keep skin hydrated with a moisturizer
  7. Apply facial oil for protection and better makeup application
  8. Protect the skin with sunscreen

Healthy Skin Nighttime Skincare Routine

One of the most essential spring skincare tips a person can implement is establishing and sticking to a nighttime skincare routine. When implementing your skincare changes for spring, stick to this schedule.

  1. Apply makeup remover
  2. Thoroughly cleanse the skin
  3. Apply high-quality toner
  4. Cover the skin with nourishing serums
  5. Treat problem areas with spot treatments
  6. Don’t forget about the importance of eye cream
  7. Apply a moisturizer
  8. Add some retinol into the mix
  9. Finish with a facial oil

When Is the Best Time of Day to Exfoliate the Skin?

Exfoliation is another vital factor in skincare. So, when should exfoliation happen? This depends on the person’s skin type and what they want to achieve during their springtime skin care regimen.

For example, someone with sensitive skin would better exfoliate in the morning. Their skin has just spent the evening renewing itself, so it’s in a healthier, more vital state. Plus, there’s (hopefully) no makeup to remove, which is one more minor step that could cause skin sensitivity.

Another example is that someone who wants to do a deep exfoliation should exfoliate before bed. They’ll be able to get their skin completely clean and free of dead skin cells so that their skin can thoroughly heal and repair itself during the night.

There are multiple types of exfoliation products to try.

  • Gritty exfoliants are the go-to for most people. Enzyme exfoliants are great for sensitive skin.
  • Microdermabrasion and peels are for those who want a more profound experience (not recommended for sensitive skin).

It’s important to note that exfoliation should not be a daily occurrence. At most, it should happen every other day, while three times a week is ideal for most skin types.

Creating an Ideal Springtime Skin Care Regimen for Luminous Skin

Springtime is a time of renewal. It’s the time of year when the Earth starts producing beautiful flowers and foliage. It’s also when most people feel the need to declutter, organize, and thoroughly clean their homes.

This is the ideal time to start incorporating a good skincare routine as well. With the changes in the weather, the skin undergoes some adjustments as well. The best way to support the skin is to use high-quality products and start using them in the correct order.

Since there’s so much change going on anyway, why not create a new springtime skincare regimen and incorporate the above spring skincare tips? It’s the best way to get beautiful, glowing skin that’s ready for the new season.

Do you want more spring skincare tips? Connect with us for inspiration to stick to a healthy skincare routine and invest in the best products on the market.