Summertime is the season to decompress and enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer. Whether you are relaxing by the pool or the beach, enjoying sports, or out on the patio; It’s essential to protect yourself from the sun and stay hydrated. Here are just a few of our best summer beauty tips so that you can stay protected and (hopefully) sunburn free.

Those UVA/UVB rays are always around us, but in the summer months, they are more damaging as our planet is closer to the sun. And with the warmer weather, it’s easy to forget protection and get caught up in pure enjoyment.

the best tips for summer skin care

The Best Summer Skin Care Routines

Now that summer has fully arrived, it’s time to look at your skincare products (and your routine) so that you can enjoy the season safely. Stay hydrated – and sunburn free for your best summer ever!

Summer Skin Protection

Think protection first – Whether that means covering up with a hat, pants, and long sleeves, or using the appropriate sunscreen for your activities. And of course – Always remembering to protect your eyes with sunglasses. Fortunately for us, there’s a lot of choices available these days from organic and natural skincare brands. You can select your favorite Mineral Sunscreen physical block formulas with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide as their active ingredients.  Or for a lighter feel, select the newer coral reef safe lightweight lotions.  Whichever method you choose, make sure that you apply your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun, or as directed.

Limiting your exposure to UV Rays is the very best way to prevent sun damage to your skin.

Sunscreen Serum for Your Face

For the delicate skin on your face start your SPF protection layer off right with lightweight sun protection using a broad-spectrum sunscreen serum.  Two to try are Mineral Fusion’s Facial Treatment Serum with SPF 16, Antiaging Peptides, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Antioxidants. For a more significant SPF boost in your serum go with Andalou’s Facial Serum DIY Booster in SPF 30. This antiaging blend contains CoQ10, Reservatrol, and their patented Fruit Stem Cells Cocktail. While you apply your serum don’t stop at your jawline, show your neck some loving, protective care too!

Daily Moisturizers with SPF Protection

If you are prone to oil from thicker sun creams, why not skip a step and go straight for the SPF with your regular moisturizer? This choice will keep your face protected and moisturized. Don’t forget to apply it to the tip of your nose and your lips!  These are areas of the face that dermatologists report are frequently missed and are later treated for skin cancers.

Matte Formulas are available especially for oily skin (or to prevent shine). Super Sheer lightweight formulas that are barely there. Richly Moisturizing & Antiaging lotions have higher SPF factors to protect fair skin, or for complexions that want additional sun protection.

Skin and Sun Care for Men

Newer skincare lines are including Hemp and Hemp Stem Cells into their sun and skincare. Andalou’s Cannacell has a specialty Sunbuddy Lotion for your face in SPF 30. Andalou for Men has introduced Hemp Stem Cells in their SPF 18 Face Shield and Face Guard SPF 30. These two are in a choice of standard sunscreen or mineral sunscreen protection formulas.

There are lots of great natural choices out there that make sun protection start a simple part of your daily skincare routine. And for even more sun exposure protection add outdoor Sprays, Creams, and Lotions over your base layer. More best summer beauty tips coming soon in this space!