About Spa Med Beauty

We started with a simple idea of sourcing healthy products for ourselves and our families with convenient at home delivery. Too many times we’d ordered items that seemed fine, and then when they arrived, they just weren’t right.

Maybe it was the smell or a product that we loved before that didn’t work anymore.  The sad fact is – there are a ton of fakes out there.

Genuine Products at Spa Med Beauty

It’s important to us that we know what we apply to our skin and hair, put on our kids and pets, and use in our homes. Our company began in 2015 with a smaller site, and we introduced SpaMedBeauty.com at the end of 2017. The products we have listed for sale are direct from the manufacturers and aren’t passed through third parties. We have great prices without selling you things that – maybe fell off a truck. Or have other questionable histories.

Love Small Business

We are a growing company, and you’ll notice updates to our products and website daily. Our shipping partners are UPS and the Postal Service. Our orders process as quickly as we can get them out to you and we have two warehouse locations (in the USA) with a third one planned for later in 2018.

We’d love to hear from you – and are happy to answer any questions that you have about the company or the products we have listed.

Write us anytime!

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